Small Business: Why unlock your iPhone

As a small business, you want to make the most of whatever resources that you have. This includes having technology that is as reliable as possible. If you currently use an iPhone, you can use a service to unlock it, giving you more room for your small business to flourish. The iPhone comes with a lot of features that can be used once you have someone unlock it. Make use of this, so that you can put it to use and help better manage and run your small business.

Choose a Cheaper Provider

A lot of cell phone companies that sell the iPhone have expensive packages. Likely, you used your contract to get the iPhone for free or for a lower price. But then youíre locked into an overwhelmingly high monthly bill. The dilemma here is that you have to deal with it because you need the iPhone to make running your business smoother. Fortunately, you can have a company unlock the iPhone and then switch to a service provider that is cheaper. If you want, you could even go with a prepaid plan to help you minimize and better control business expenses.

No More Long-Term Contracts

As mentioned above, when you unlock your iPhone, youíll be able to switch over to any type of service that you want, with any company you choose. If you decide that you no longer want to deal with long-term contracts, you donít have to. You can use your iPhone with prepaid companies, so that you can have an affordable monthly bill, without sacrificing all of the great features that come along with the phone.

How Unlocking works

Until the beginning of this year there were many unlock options available, many of them had a lot of restrictions and would only last until the next iOS update of the iDevices. in 2012 a new unlock method was released Unlocking by IMEI. This is a permanent unlock, similar to the factory unlocked iPhone's that Apple is selling in some countries. These IMEI based unlocks have many benefits as it allows you to use your iPhone just as normal without any restrictions that you had with the earlyer software based unlocks. If you are considering to unlock your iPhone, we recommend you do your own research on finding the best unlocking option. We have tried in the past and were more then happy with the results.

Accessing Your Office Computers

When you unlock your iPhone, youíll be able to get access to your home and business computers. This is very convenient, especially when you have a file there that you need to get to right away. This is important for unexpected business meetings with clients and when you donít want to carry around a laptop.

Full Access to MMS Messaging

Some small businesses need to send their partners, employees and clients photos, videos and other types of media right away. This is available to you when you unlock your iPhone. For instance, if you are an interior designer and you see a piece of furniture that you think your client would like, you could easily snap a shot of it and have it messaged to them using your unlocked iPhone. You can also unlock instant messengers on the iPhone, which wil; allow you to chat live with your co-workers and clients.

Accept GSM Sim Cards Around the World

If your small business requires you to travel, youíll like the idea of being able to use GSM sim cards worldwide. You can also use the 1-click video recording feature thatís on unlocked with the iPhone. Unlocking your iPhone comes with many great benefits, especially for small businesses. If you decide to unlock your iPhone, make sure to do it with a reputable unlocking service.