Hostgator Shared Hosting Review & How to Save on Hosting Costs

Hostgator is one of the leading shared hosting providers in the world and there are already many positive Hostgator reviews on the internet. Hostgator allows anyone to create their own website and domain name quickly and with the lowest possible fees. Even their entry-level hosting plans, which are extremely inexpensive, come with guaranteed up time, fast speeds, and responsive customer service. Their plans range from the lowest tier to fully dedicated servers with root access.

Creating a website with Hostgator is as simple as creating a domain name and selecting a hosting type. Every account comes with different applications, such as Wordpress, that can be installed with a simple click of the mouse. Even the lowest levels of hosting still offer premium features such as MySQL, PHP, ASP, CGI, and Perl. These hosting packages also offer email access, and website editors so that the webmaster can construct websites without knowing any code.

Hostgator comes with a 99.99% up time guarantee, which means that their shared hosting websites are very rarely down. Up time is extremely important for web hosting services because a website that is down isn't gaining any visitors or any revenue. The shared hosting at Hostgator ranges from Hatchling to Business. The Business accounts come with some impressive additions, such as a toll-free phone number, and are still very inexpensive. Hostgator maintains its 99.99% up time guarantee and features by offering their hosting on extremely advanced computers in a very advanced network.

Customer service at Hostgator usually responds to trouble tickets within an hour. Their staff are knowledgeable about the product and can usually fix any problems from their end very quickly. They also follow-up on issues before closing the tickets to make sure that the customer is fully satisfied with the issue's resolution.

Among similar competitors, Hostgator offers the most value for its hosting fees. Especially using the Discount Promo Codes which can save you upto $600 per year. ( 25% discount on signup). These hosting fees also go down further by purchasing multiple months at once. Multiple websites can also be run off of a single hosting package, and a webmaster can attach as many domain names as they want to a single account. To take advantage of their generous 25% Discount, visit one of the many Websites.

For those who worry about losing their data, Hostgator offers backup services too. This means that everything is automatically backed up every day just in case something goes wrong or something important gets deleted.

Hostgator also offers many services related to domain names, such as an automatic renewal that makes sure that no one else can purchase your domain name out from under you. This is extremely valuable today as many domain names are auctioned off if they are not renewed on time.

Webmasters that have larger websites can also consider a dedicated server. Hostgator's dedicated servers are extremely inexpensive and allow a webmaster full control over an entire server. Hostgator will also help those who started with their shared hosting move up to more advanced services when their website has grown, which makes Hostgator the perfect place to initially launch a website.

The final component of any Hostgator review needs to discuss the competition. While competitors are similar, Hostgator is the most inexpensive option, and boasts lightning fast website speeds. Many of the competitors may offer these features, but when visitors actually go to load a website it may take a very long time. Hostgator offers all the features that most people need to start a website at the lowest prices.