Budgeting and Saving on Travel expenses

These days, weíre all looking for more ways to save money. Traveling costs is one of the biggest expenses that people have around the world, thanks to gas prices that continue to jerk us around. Overall, gas keeps climbing higher and higher and commuting back and forth from school, home, work and entertainment venues can get too expensive very quickly. There are various companies coming out to help consumers save money. The one that is gaining the most momentum is Megabus.

What is Megabus?

Megabus is a public transportation system that acts like a city bus and Greyhound bus combined. It allows people to travel within a city and from city to city at very cheap prices. Megabus started in the United Kingdom, but has crossed the seas to the United States and Canada. They allow you to purchase tickets online, which reserves you a seat (this is the only place you can purchase your tickets, since there are no bus terminals).

How Much is Megabus?

The prices of tickets sold by Megabus vary, dependent on how far you are looking to travel. Itís cheapest to reserve your spot in advance because the closer it gets to departure date, the higher the price rises. To give you an idea of how cheap it is to ride Megabus, it cost one passenger $10 for a round trip between London and Cardiff (would have cost $262 on the railway). On average, ticket costs are around $20, give or take. Compared to other forms of public transportation, riding between cities would cost between $50 and $170 on Amtrak. Buses are much slower than trains, but if you can plan ahead, you wonít have to worry about running late. To ride the Megabus from New York City to Philadelphia is only around $15 (when booked in advance). Its wise to visit some sites who focus on Megabus discount codes and Megabus promotion codes before actually buying a ticket as these sometimes offer generous discounts to Megabus travellers.

Why People Ride Megabus

Itís pretty obvious why people enjoy Megabus. Itís a great way to travel virtually anywhere the road takes them, without having to break their bank account. Itís also a great way to travel with older children and spouses. Those who like to sightsee wonít mind riding Megabus, especially since it has comfortably cushioned seats to sit on. Overall, itís suitable for people who feel that saving money is more important that saving time. Traveling from NYC to Philly and back could cost you only $3.50 if you book well in advance ($1 per ticket/trip and .50 for booking).

Megabus Perks

Other than being a cheap way to travel, Megabus offers a variety of perks. One that a lot of people enjoy is the free wi-fi. Youíll also be able to hook up your tablet, laptop or cell phone to an outlet, which is conveniently set at the side of each seating area, this will enable you and your staff to work on your business while traveling.

Why Megabus is So Cheap

Since Megabus doesnít have terminals to maintain or employees to pay (other than the bus drivers), they are able to cut a lot of costs that most transportation providers have to pay.